King Kush

aktarKing Kush was “born to smoke the world”, as he used to say. He was thirteen when he ruled his first marihuana joint in the hood with his fellas. Back then he had no money for grass. He ain’t got money for nothing. And the few times he got to get high, he always felt like a Superman flying over the skies. Better said SuperKushMan fighting against injustice of the world.

One day King Kush started singing for legalization of marihuana and he got so many followers, so many ganja fans, that suddenly he became millionaire tourning around the world with his musician mates.

“OK, now that I got a beautiful place, money to get weed wherever and whenever I want, It’s time for this SuperKushMan to put his voice on other causes service”, King Kush thought one night while smoking a big and tasty Lemon Tree joint. He started to write lyrics and make music about how to make disappear hunger of the world, how investing in rare diseases investigation would help to get better life for ill people or what to do for ending female genital mutilation.

King Kush smoked, singed and wrote until the end of his days, and when he looked back to his music career he realized that, at the end, it was the weed world order, all ganja believers like him around the world, who had fighted to heal the world.

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